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What to do when a loved one dies

When a loved one dies, whether it is suddenly or after a long illness it falls on those close to them to arrange the funeral. It is a very emotional and stressful time, and there are many things that needed to be sorted out. Your funeral director is there to help you through the process, and should be able to help with most things, but there are a few things that you will need to do.

Firstly choose a Funeral Director. If the person passes away in a nursing home or in hospital they will need to know which director will be taking care of them, so when the inevitable happens they know who to call.

Where do i get the medical certificate

How do i register the death

The death will have to be registered. This is done through the registry office, where again you must make an appointment, after you have the medical certificate. The registry officer will talk you through all the legalities, provide you with a death Certificate and a Green Form—your funeral Director will need this. It is also necessary to realise that the death must be registered at the office for the area in which the person died—not where they lived. If someone lived in the South Hams but died in Derriford Hospital the death would have to registered in Plymouth. If a person lived in Plymstock, but died in a Nursing home in Brixton or Plymouth the death would be registered in Totnes

Is it different if the death is at home or in a hospital

When death takes place at home there is usually a kind friend, neighbour or relative able to attend to assist. Inform the doctor as soon as possible inform the doctor that death has occurred. He/she may write out the Medical Certificate of Death when he/she visits the house, or may request you attend the surgery for this purpose

When death happens in hospital the procedure is very similar. Apply to the hospital for the Medical Certificate of Death and not your family doctor.

In cases where the death has been reported to the Coroner the procedure is somewhat different. The Coroner and his officers are working in your interest. No doctor will issue a Medical Certificate of Death. This will be sent by the Coroner to the Registrar's Office in the district where the death occurred, after contact has been made with the Coroner's office.

What is has to be done to register the death

Who can register the death?

  1. Close relative of deceased
  2. Relative in attendance during last illness
  3. Relative in attendance during last illness
  4. A relative living in the district where death occurred
  5. A person present at death
  6. The person causing the disposal

What Documents are required?

  1. Medical Certificate of Death
  2. Medical Card if available or
  3. Birth Certificate & information regarding date of birth

Information required to Register

  1. Date and place of death
  2. Full name of deceased (maiden name if applicable)
  3. Date and place of birth
  4. Occupation and home address
  5. If married, full name and occupation of surviving spouse


Disposal Certificate for the funeral director (The Green Form)

Social Security Certificate to be handed in at the D.S.S. Offices with any pension books

Copies of Entry of Death for bank, insurance, solicitors

In some cases it is necessary for the Corner to become involved. Normally this is the case if the person has died suddenly and without seeing their regular doctor within two weeks; if there is something unusual about the death, or if the person has died in unnatural circumstances—through an accident or an illness that might be related to their profession.

It has to be remembered that through all of this and for any other issues that might arise your Funeral Director is there to help you, and are only a phonecall away for any advice or help you might need.

If you require more information about our Traditional Burial Funeral or Cremation funerals then please call any time of day or night we are always here to help.