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With the price of funerals increasing seemingly every couple of months, it is becoming more important to think about the Future, to make sure the cost of your funeral is covered to save worry and hardship for loved ones down the line.

Although it is nice to think that savings and investments might cover those costs the harsh truth is, with the possibility of having to pay for care as we get older, and other unexpected ‘surprises’ like inheritance tax, the money we hoped would be left for our loved ones and to cover costs might not be what we thought it would be. The Funeral Plan is something that can alleviate this, and is becoming a growing part of the industry.

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Golden Charter Funeral Plans

We have had a long term relationship with Golden Charter Funeral Plans, they are a company that is owned by Independent Funeral Directors, a network of available Funeral Directors that is wider than that of the Co-op.

With a funeral plan in place you fix the cost of the funeral director’s services in your plan at today’s prices. So no matter how much the cost of these services rise in the future, your family will have nothing more to pay for these services – guaranteed (once your plan is paid in full). 

With a Golden Charter Funeral Plan your payments are protected. Your money is paid into the Golden Charter Trust, a separate entity from Golden Charter and is run by an independent board of trustees who are chosen for their skills, experience and safeguard the payments made by the plan holders. They make sure all future payments can be made, which means they can guarantee the funeral director services included in your plan.

Funeral Directors Plymouth | James Brothers Undertakers Plymouth | South Hams Devon |
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Beyond Funeral Plans and Funeral Finance

Beyond is a relatively new company that can help in a number of ways, from the simple to the sometime essential. From a will-writing service, to online obituaries through to help settling estates. Perhaps one of their most important functions is that they can help with finance for funerals. At a time when finances can be tight, and there is a lot of emotion running wild, they are able to offer help when it comes to paying for the funeral if there is no money immediately available.

If you require more information about our Traditional Burial Funeral or Cremation funerals then please call any time of day or night we are always here to help.